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An alternative to hotels in Lugano

Staying in Lugano? Here's your alternative to hotels


You might need to stay in a city such as Lugano for a certain period of time: a holiday in Ticino, a business trip, or looking for a job or a new home nearby.


Staying in Lugano? Here's your alternative to a hotel


Without thinking too hard, you can always choose to stay in a hotel in Lugano, since a hotel requires minimum effort: there is no need to buy furniture or to pay bills, plus the hotels offer a range of services.


Of course, one solution might be to stay in a hotel, but living in an inn for long periods has its problems.


First of all, cooking a meal is not possible in the hotels; all you have in a hotel is a single room; in hotels you often need to respect set times. What is more, the hotels here are not exactly cheap if their location is central and because the suburbs of the town are enormous and divided, money-saving hotels may not always be located in a pleasant area of the city, with transport facilities, shops and services.


Some hotels in the city offer half board accommodation, but what if you don't like the hotel food? That is something you only find out when it is too late and of course, it is no fun staying in a hotel for a long period if you don't like the food.


One solution to the hotels is an apartment that offers more or less the same services as a hotel, but which guarantees notable freedom to move and the possibility to cook your own meals.



La Residenza in fact is a valid alternative to an inn for anyone needing to stay in the city of Lugano for a period ranging from one to three months or even longer, and all things considered, for the same levels of comfort and services, it is possible to save up to 70-80% on a long-term stay.


Staying at a La Residenza service apartment means having a nice room with kitchenette and bathroom, complete with all conveniences, a concierge service and assistance, and the care and attention of someone who takes charge of changing the bed and bath linen. It is like staying at a hotel but at the same time, it is just like being in your own home.


The comfort, security, hygiene and cleanliness, privacy, assistance and services are certainly on a par with those of a hotel and they are the main features of La Residenza, which is also located in a quiet, green area close to the lake, just a short walk from the centre of Lugano.


Advantageous rental rates, a warm family welcome - not something always found at a hotel - rooms with broad band access and cable TV with 30 channels, services you find in an important hotel, but tailored to suit your needs.


The service apartments have a special breakfast agreement with the adjacent patisserie, which serves products of the finest quality and offers a choice of breakfasts on a par with those of the hotels of excellent standard.


There are 37 rooms in total, the same as in a medium-sized hotel; however, some hotels have so many rooms that it is impossible to offer a customised service. Many of our rooms have been recently renovated and equipped with kitchenette and nowadays, every apartment is being fitted out and renovated in this way.


Some rooms enjoy lovely panoramic views over the lake, which is very close by, as La Residenza is in the second row of houses overlooking the lake, another characteristic that makes La Residenza an extremely valid alternative to a inn.


There are few hotels with the same position overlooking the lake and when staying in a place for a lengthy period, pleasant views become an important aspect.


We also provide cots for babies and dogs are welcomed.


Common areas are cleaned every day, while bed linen and bath towels are changed in the apartment every week. All of these services are included in the rental rates, just like in a hotel.


La Residenza also has amenities for all guests renting an apartment, such as a laundry with dryer, which is not normally found in a hotel, plus a vending machine for coffee, drinks and sandwiches, and a daily concierge service. We also offer a 24-hour assistance services for emergencies and urgent requirements.


The splendid residential area of La Castagnola, where La Residenza is located, is one of the nicest areas in the city, with bus services to take you to the centre in just 5 minutes. It is a part of the city of Lugano that enjoys extraordinarily beautiful views and excellent leisure facilities. Just a short walk from La Residenza are two of the most important tennis courts, owned by the City Council: the Lugano Tennis club Lido and the Lugano Tennis club Campo Marzio.


Also a short distance from La Residenza is the Lido di Lugano, which has preserved all of its charm intact since 1928. It is a place where the inhabitants of the town go to meet, like other facilities and services that the city makes available to those who live there.


Since 1923, Lugano Golf Club has been located near to Agno Airport. Lugano Airport, enjoys a strategic geographical position and is in fact a point of reference for all those travelling for business or tourism.


We should also point out the possibilities for wonderful excursions without having to go too far from home. For example, the Mount Generoso railway which is easily reached from the apartment building, offers wonderful views of a rich and varied natural park. There are numerous occasions for trips and also to observe the sky with the most powerful public telescope in all of Switzerland.


Guests at the service apartments who like to gamble will be pleased to know that Casino Lugano has an avant-garde range of facilities in large, exclusive and elegant surroundings.


So, if you have the chance or need to stay nearby for a certain period of time, the best alternative to a hotel is La Residenza, service apartments where the facilities of a inn are nicely combined with the comfort and privacy you would enjoy in your own home, which all goes to make a stay in this town pleasant, relaxing and decidedly good value.